About the Brand


The North Cariboo Farm Country-Grown for You brand symbolizes the North Cariboo’s agricultural products and farm-based services that offer goods and services to people of the North Cariboo, from Mcleese Lake to Strathnaver and Nazko, West Fraser Road to Barkerville.

The North Cariboo brand symbolizes the uniqueness of the region. It’s the exceptional quality, home grown taste, and the community relationships that are created when purchasing the products and services. The brand can be used on goods that are grown, on products, on products that are manufactured, handcrafted or made and for farm-based services.

“North Cariboo Grown” products are food, fish, beverages or agricultural products that are 100% grown, caught or raised in the North Cariboo.

“North Cariboo Made” are those processed food, fish, beverages or agricultural, manufactured and handcrafted products, in which the majority of raw materials are grown, caught or raised in the North Cariboo.

“North Cariboo Farm-based Services” are services provided on the farm in which a majority of the labour is sourced in the North Cariboo.

The North Cariboo brand may be used by retailers and food service businesses that sell products that are produced in the North Cariboo, as well as organizations and associations that support agricultural products, agri-tourism, and farm based services. They will also be recognized as a “Proud North Cariboo – Farm Country Grown for You Supporter”.

The Producer

The North Cariboo brand will show the public that this product was grown or produced locally. For the grower, they can concentrate on flavor, nutritional value, and maximum freshness. This in turn improves the image of the local agricultural industry.

The producer then sees an increase in sales, margins and profitability.

The Consumer

When the consumer sees the North Cariboo brand they will know that the produce and products travel less, therefore the footprint for fossil fuel use is smaller, compared to the thousands of miles other products have come. The consumer receives healthier and fresher alternatives. When purchasing from local farmers and producers, dollars keep circulating and are reinvested in the local economy. This increases the potential for job creation and strengthens the agricultural economy of the North Cariboo. The brand ensures food security and encourages local culture in our community. It gives people peace of mind knowing that the community has access to quality foods and goods in the North Cariboo all year round.

Imagine seeing the North Cariboo brand at the Quesnel Farmers’ Market, in retail stores and restaurants throughout the region, across BC, Canada and internationally knowing that the products sold were produced right here in the North Cariboo. That is the vision of our branding program