North Cariboo MADE

North Cariboo Products are those processed food, beverages or agricultural, manufactured and handcrafted products that are made with the main raw materials grown or raised in the North Cariboo. Products range from Bath Products such as goat milk and herbal soaps; Food Products such as BBQ sauce, birch syrup, birch toffee candy, and herbal vinegars, pepperoni, jerky, wieners, tea, jelly and other preserves; Fibre Products made from alpaca, llama, goats and sheep such as blankets, socks, cashmere and yarns; to Evergreen Products like wreaths and hanging baskets. Examples of producers are Brass Monkey Farm, Coyote Acres, The Elder Witch, Family Tree Farms, Glenrosa Gardens, Sweet Tree Ventures and Walkabout Homestead.